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Welcome to East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club


We are proud of our Club commitment  to “Fair Play”

At East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club, we know that our members join the club to play tennis for a variety of reasons.  

Many of our members simply enjoy playing social tennis with friends and family. They enjoy the fun of playing a great sport in the outdoors and gaining the benefits of physical activity, fresh air and exercise.  With a bit of a laugh and a giggle along the way. Please refer to our Court Usage Plan to check on court availability if you plan a hit with family or friends.

We have a mixture of both senior and junior members who enjoy playing more serious competition.  They thrive on the challenge of a contest - and the satisfaction that comes from participating in a contest that will ultimately  help them become an even better player.  

There is a joy and elation that comes from winning a tough contest. From feeling that you have pushed yourself to your very limits - and maybe even pushed yourself to discover more of what you are truly capable of.  

Competition and sport can teach us a lot about what it takes to achieve our goals in life. Self-belief, self-discipline, persistence and hard work are just some of the ingredients that come into the mix.

At our Tennis Club, our Committee and our Coaches are all very committed to the principles and ethics of Fair Play ……. Yes our members who compete in teams against opponents from other clubs hope to win - but not at any cost!  Some of the principles of fair play include…

1. Respect - for both yourself, your team-mates and your opponent on the court.  And respect for the rules. There is no place for abuse, intimidation, cheating or aggression at our club.  And it’s about having the courage to respectfully call someone out if they are behaving badly. 
2. Integrity.  Honest and honourable with our calls of whether a ball landed in or out - regardless of the score or the state of the match.  Being gracious, in either victory or defeat. Acknowledging good play or good effort from the opposing team.
3.  Enjoyment from participation. Learning to gain satisfaction from knowing you did your best. It is unfortunate that in competitive sport there are some who equate losing with failure. 

Instead, the coaches and parents of juniors at our club encourage the kids to learn that there will be times you don’t win a contest. But you can learn and grow from these experiences…… as well as still having enjoyed the challenge of the contest.  We do not want our juniors feeling that whether they have won or lost a game of tennis on a particular day defines who they are. 

We want our juniors feeling optimistic and positive about playing the game.  And learning how to be the best they can be……  And for many, that won’t mean being the best, but instead playing to the best of their potential. 

The reality is that very few of our juniors will grow up to make a living from playing tennis! ….. However our club aims that our kids will grow up and continue wanting to enjoy playing tennis throughout their life. And that the early lessons from”Fair Play” and participating actively with respect and integrity in competition, will have helped teach them a bit about what it takes to successfully achieve whatever their goals may be in life.

You can read more about our Club Code of Conduct, and the ten principles we encourage, here

East Croydon Tennis Club


CLUB SPONSORSHIP - Community Bank Mooroolbark continue to lend us their support 

The Committee of our club would like to express our appreciation to the Community Bank Mooroolbark for their on-going sponsorship and support. Their sponsorship enables the club to continue with the Junior Development Coaching Scholarship - which had been an initiative of the family of Warren Woodcock 3 years ago, as the inaugural sponsor. The scholarship aims to recognise the values of sportsmanship, effort and perseverance - along with  talent. 


Michael met with club coach Andrew Marshall and our clubs President, Vice President and Secretary 

Guidelines for safe play - as tennis resumes

East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club
Tennis Victoria have published a set of Guidelines for Return to Play- which is the key reference the club has been using. Our club recognises the imperative of minimising the spread of the corona-virus. Following some simple precautions can help to reduce your risk of exposure to the corona-virus.   You might like to visit our page on Actions to Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Infection   

We have passed through some troubling times ....... If you are required to undergo quarantine at some stage because you suspect you carry the virus, then you might be interested in our page “Coping With Self Isolation”

Junior Tennis Scholarship  

It was 2019 when the club first announced the introduction of the inaugural "Warren Woodcock Junior Tennis Coaching Scholarship"

The aim was to select a junior to receive a combination of group coaching combined with some intensive private tuition. The scholarship was designed to be awarded to a junior on the basis that they reflect the club's values of fairness, positive attitude and good sportsmanship, as well as displaying a persistent work ethic. The Woodcock family were the inaugural sponsors of the scholarships and have enjoyed a long association with tennis, with Warren (Senior) having achieved a quarter final singles berth in the 1957 Australian Open.  Visit our JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP page to read about some of the recipients of our coaching scholarship 


East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club offer plenty of competition tennis options - although during the current pandemic, all tennis activities and programmes have been deferred until later in the year. However when some normality eventually returns  if you're not wanting to play tennis regularly in a team, then social tennis might be an option. Contact our Club Secretary to enquire further.

When it does eventually resume, social sessions will offer a great opportunity to play tennis and meet new people, without having to commit to regular competition. 

A bit about East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club .....
We are a friendly, family oriented club that welcomes new members of all ages and abilities.

East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club
New members are always welcome. 119 -131 Hull Rd, Croydon

If you are wanting to either play tennis or perhaps learn how to play tennis, or even maybe get your kids into tennis -  the club offers you many options.....

East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club
East Croydon Tennis Club has six excellent tennis courts
East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club Inc. is located at the Charles Allen reserve, 119 -131 Hull road, Croydon. It is a lovely location with a children’s playground located in the adjacent reserve. 

We have 6 synthetic grass courts. East Croydon merged with Kilsyth Tennis Club about three years ago to become East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club and was enriched by the coming together of two strong clubs with great traditions. We would like to encourage you to come down, join us for a hit of tennis and meet some of our members.

East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club
Our club offers coaching, competition & social tennis
New members are always very welcome at East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club. We have club members coming from surrounding areas that include Croydon, Montrose, Mooroolbark, Lilydale, Chirnside Park, North Croydon, Mount Evelyn, Bayswater and East Ringwood.  

Steve 0419 896 607    or  Email -

Check out our News & Events page for further information - and visit our Be Inspired page

Club hosts a visit from our local state MP, David Hodgett 
East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club  was delighted to host a visit from our local state MP, David Hodgett.
Noel Hester, David Hodgett, Andrew & Kelsey, Steve Baldry & Mike Drummond


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