Junior Scholarship

 Warren Woodcock Family - Inaugural  Junior Coaching Scholarship

The club is deeply appreciative of the continued sponsorship of our Junior Tennis Coaching Scholarship - which over the past few years has been generously supported by the Community Bank Mooroolbark (Bendigo Bank) 

The scholarship was initially introduced by the family of Warren Woodcock, several years ago.

The coaching scholarship is awarded to a different junior annually, not necessarily on the basis simply of talent. Rather, it is about the character and values displayed by the young person…… 

Are they applying themselves with their best efforts?  Do they listen to feedback from their coaches?  Do they demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for both their team-mates and opponents?  Are they showing a strong desire to continue to improve?  Are they good role models for younger juniors at the club?

One of the earliest winners in 2019 of the coaching scholarship was a sister and brother combination shared award - Lily and Leo.  

Their coach Kelsey said “ This will mean a lot to them, as well as to their parents.  These are two young people who practice regularly and show great character on the court.  They simply really enjoy playing the game. Lily is 14 and her brother Leo is 16.  Maybe there might be juniors around with more natural talent, but you can always guarantee that these two will be competing to the best of their ability and will never ever give up.”

Leo, club coach Kelsey and Lily.  Congratulations to our scholarship winners.
Without the support of the Mooroolbark Community Bank ( Bendigo Bank), the club could not continue to award this scholarship. They are simply a wonderful supporter of our Tennis Club.