ANZ Hot Shots : Tennis for 3 - 10  year old's

At East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club we run the ANZ Hot Shots program for young children - where the courts and equipment are smaller and the balls are modified. This reduces the speed and bounce of the ball, making it perfect for young kids who are just getting started. 

As the kids progress, they gradually move to larger racquets and faster balls. The Hot Shots program is designed for kids of different ages, and assisting with different stages of  motor skill development. It also assists to build strength, balance and co-ordination. 

Almost every day of the week - and including weekends - there are Hot Shot sessions being conducted at East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club. For the kinder aged kids, during the day - and for the primary school aged kids, after school.

For more information on exactly when these sessions are scheduled at the club, contact Kelsey, one of the club's Hot Shot coaches - 0408 731 065