Be inspired & get yourself motivated

There can be many ups and downs when you're playing competitive tennis - a lot like life. 

There are times when we might experience dismay and frustration with ourselves - and yet other times when we enjoy a sense of achievement and satisfaction.   Experience eventually teaches us the importance of maintaining a positive mindset - and  not simply to define ourselves by whether we have "won or lost". 

Instead it's more about doing our best ... and about enjoying the journey, as much as any destination. Through playing tennis and for that matter, any sport - children can learn so much about themselves and what it takes to achieve their goals in life. As well as the benefits gained from healthy exercise, kids can potentially also gain personal growth and self-development. 

These are some of the  core values that we hope our Club can encourage in our Juniors ....... It's not about whether you beat someone - it's about being the best you can be. Progress is defined not by whether you are achieving perfection in your game, but instead by whether you are improving. 

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To be the best person you can be, you need to be around people who will help to bring the best out of you