Code of Conduct at East Croydon Kilsyth Tennis Club


Our commitment as a club, is to create a safe, friendly and inclusive environment - therefore all players, parents, guardians and spectators are asked to abide by the following ten guidelines:
  • Encourage all players to participate so they can enjoy the game and have fun …… This is particularly important for our junior players
  • Respect the rights and dignity of every person - regardless of their gender, ability, age, cultural background or religion.
  • Co-operate, support and encourage your teammates.  Your team's performance will benefit more from encouragement rather than criticism.
  • We want the senior players at our club to be good role models for any younger children who may be watching. Remember that young players learn from observing the example being set by adults. 
  • Acknowledge good play and good effort by both teams - the results of the game should not be the sole focus if the aim is to promote enjoyment.
  • Fair & honest play is a core value of our club. Encourage players to participate according to the rules of the game. 
  • Verbal abuse or use of foul or offensive language to any person, including foul language directed to yourself, will not be tolerated. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour. Competition is not an excuse for rude behaviour.
    Fair play based upon respect for self and others
  • Take care to not throw your racquet, damage the playing surface, the net nor fences.  Equipment and the court are to be treated respectfully.  Please remember to bag courts after use, and to leave courts neat and tidy.
  • Be considerate and take care to avoid unnecessarily interrupting matches being played on the courts around you. 
  • For junior players, please speak up if you need help. Recognise the role of any coaches and conveners who are present.  The convener’s role is to help organise and oversee the smooth running of your matches.  The convener or coach can also help if you have rule or score questions, or if you need extra support.  
We would hope that parents & guardians of junior players remember that children play tennis for fun.  

Our club’s Code of Conduct is based upon the core principles outlined in the “Fair Play Code” produced by the Victorian Department of Sport & Recreation. The code outlines standards of behaviour expected of everyone who has some involvement with sport in Victoria.

Fair play code - It's your code from VicGovDHHS on Vimeo.